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All the cool people follow me on this blog *heavy breathing*

How the heck do I have 380 followers on this blog?

I think I am going to be bringing this blog back only besides graphics and gifs that I make myself I’ll be reblogging other fma/fmab graphics and gifs and also talk about fma here. If you would like to send me asks and such you can as well. We can all talk about fma together and enjoy it together.

"This may be the last battle we ever fight. I wanna do it in style."

fullmetalalchemist whispered: Your blog's great; You deserve all those followers (:

Thank you ;v; you are all so kind to me. Ahh. :)

Wow how did I get 201 followers in less than a couple of weeks? Thanks so much for the follows, the reblogs and likes on my graphics and gifs. It means so much to me that you all like it. :) Just thanks again.